(Partnering with the North Carolina Medical Society & Legislators)

It was such an honor to be invited back to speak with the top doctors, legislators, advocates, and folks advancing healthcare equity in the state of North Carolina. The North Carolina Medical Society is one of the oldest professional organizations in the state dating back to 1855. I spoke with them last year on health insurance advocacy from the patient perspective.

Last week I spoke to these top leaders on understanding the process of prior authorization, navigating the health insurance appeals system, and sharing many of my personal stories & different healthcare equity initiatives I worked on over the years.

We are working with the state this year to amend the prior authorization laws as they are just needlessly complex and do not have any patient’s best interests in mind (not to mention even doctors are confused/removed by and from the process).

We are pushing for systemic change while simultaneously trying to navigate within a broken system. This is a team collaborative effort where we will need multiple stakeholders across many different industries to weigh-in, work together, and share insights.

Here’s to the start of a beautiful partnership and collaboration! Much work ahead. We are ready!

Here’s a fantastic interview I did with the amazing part of Randy Aldridge is the communications and marketing. Randy is marvelously funny while still talking about very serious issues!

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