Crazy Medical Stories

As with many Spinal Cord Injury Folks, building up a resume of crazy and outrageous medical stories is not that unusual!  Sometimes it is interesting to read a person’s medical history to get a global understanding of what a person has been through. I’ve outlined just the most outrageous, let’s call them, “Medical Mishaps” over the last 7 years since my injury in 2010. I’ve had more surgeries than this, but I think you will get the picture after reading a few of the stories 🙂

Some of these stories will make you cry, laugh, and just stop you in your tracks because it will seem as though I am making up a story.

1.) 2010 – Breaking my Neck + the Aftermath

2.) 2012 – Cervical Cancer + the Aftermath

3.) 2013 – Spinal Surgery in China

4.) 2013 – Breaking of my Femur & Shin

5.) 2016 – Removal of Tailbone from a Pressure sore

6.) 2016 – Flap surgery on Butt from the Dreaded Pressure sore

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