I posted a few pictures a few weeks ago when I went Adapted Scuba Diving with Thresher Aquatics. Many of you have seen my shark diving video, but I want to assure you that those that don’t feel like diving with sharks – Thresher has incredible spots all around South Florida to see fish, reefs, racks, and so much more.

I’m always completely fascinated by the behind-the-scenes of how one in a wheelchair gets a wetsuit on, gets off the boat into the water, or gets into the water from the beach, etc. I like to know what I’m getting into and have a plan. So, I made a video (Teaser below) – full video above on YouTube channel.

For me, the water is one of the most healing places. For some it may be mountain biking or adaptive kayaking, choose your outdoor bliss as it may. For those interested in adaptive scuba diving, I couldn’t recommend Thresher Aquatics more highly. The team is professional, trained in diving with folks with disabilities, funny as heck, it really is a second family of mine now.

My mental health is so sacred and I worked incredibly long hours and sometimes seven days a week. I save up several times a year to go on wacky outdoor adventures because that is my happy place and I hold onto those moments when I don’t feel like the day will not end and I am in front of the screen for 12 hours straight (today will be one of those days). It keeps me motivated, continues to give me energetic fuel to push forward in my daily life & advocacy efforts.

I hope this inspires and motivates a few reading this to go out, and try something a with scuba diving is your jam or if you have a loved one who may be interested.

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