I had the distinct pleasure to work with the beautiful 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Thresher Aquatics, down in South Florida.

In particular, this Shark Dive, with Thresher Aquatics and Shark Junkie — I attempted something they have never attempted before. They took me, a complete C6 quadriplegic on a shark feed dive. As far as we are aware and we have checked the Guinness world book of records … I am the first to do this in the world.

I even applied for the Guinness world book of records and will wait to see if we can make this a reality.

There is no other feeling in the world like getting out of your wheelchair and feeling the weightlessness of the water. Then add scuba diving, then add sharks … My complete heaven.

So many of us work so hard to save up for retirement to then live our lives. I live in a different world. I live in a world where the astounding amount of secondary complications, such as a simple urinary tract infection, can kill me within 72 hours.

I refuse to wait to live my life. I work incredibly hard and I almost work even harder at making sure each moment/memory is an experience of a lifetime. I am living my story because I don’t want to find myself years down the road regretting chances I didn’t take.

I’ve been invited by Shark Junkie (@thesharkjunkie) and Thresher Aquatics (@thresheraquatics) to join them to a trip to Bimini in the Bahamas for a shark dive with Tiger sharks and hammerheads. I’m so excited.

Anyone who is in a wheelchair or has significant mobility impairment simply has to check them out because they are the most incredibly professional, fun, and life-changing team.

I found my new hobby and it invigorates me to work harder every day.

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