Adventures & Events

“2022 United Spinal Roll on Capitol Hill”

“2022 Abilities Expo”




“2018 Royal Caribbean Cruise to Western Caribbean”


“Miami 2017”


“Carolina Beach Surfing Event”

“Sailing in Miami in 2012”

“Taking a walk on the locomat at the Miami project in 2012”



“Late Night Bowling with Friends”

“Crashing Raleigh Comicon”








“Raleigh Animazement Festival in Raleigh”

“Stalking the Furries for the Day”

“Stalking the Furries for the Day”

“Sister’s wedding – The Harlem Shake”

“Playing Pool”

“Christmas with my dear friend Jenny from China”










“2016 Halloween Party”

“Paralyzed Barbie & Ken Barbie”









“Hanging out with Friends at a Music Festival”

“Messing around with my Sister”








“Sisters Bachelorette Party”

“Sisters Bachelorette Party”











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