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Unstoppable Mindset Podcast

Lenovo Product Diversity Office Commercial

American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association From Pain to Persistence Article

Disability:In North Carolina Corporate Health & Wellness Keynote Speaker

Permobil USA Breaking News: Seat Elevate Coverage Podcast

ABC 11 News on Wheelchair Airline Damage with Delta Airlines

Navigating Insurance Appeals & Approvals with Help Hope Live

Wheel the WorldPlanning and International Adventure as a Complete C6 Quadriplegic

Ambiguously BlindPodcast with John Grimes

The World Disability Advocacy Group Webinar – Advocating Through Ablest Insurance Policy

United Spinal – This Valentine’s Day, Whether Single, Dating or Married, Love Yourself First

This Valentine’s Day, Whether Single, Dating or Married, Love Yourself First

Forward with National Association for Community College on Entrepreneurship (NACCE) Podcast

Partnership with US Rehab – The Importance of CRT: From the Perspective of Ali Ingersoll, Ms. Wheelchair America 2023

“Quad Cast” – Disability Advocacy Life

Rotary Club 2022 Summit – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Webinar – Behind the Scenes of Ms. Wheelchair America Competition

Mobility Works – Meet Ms.  Wheelchair America 2023

United Spinal Association – United Spinal Association Advocacy Life Podcast

New Heights: Disability Advocate Ali Ingersoll (Walter Magazine) – Part 1

A Night on Wheels (Walter Magazine) – Part 2

ABC 11 – Ms. Wheelchair America 2023

New Mobility – Ms. Wheelchair America 2023


News & Observer on Ms. Wheelchair America 2023

News & Observer Article:

CBS 17 – Ms. Wheelchair America 2023

WSOC-TV 9 – Ms. Wheelchair America, 2023

Fox 17 Michigan News on Ms. Wheelchair America Competition

CBS 17 News – Ms. Wheelchair America Competition

CBS17 News:

ABC 11 News:

ABC 11 Ms. Wheelchair NC 2022

News & Observer Newspaper:

Huawei “Let’s Talk” Global Tech Accessibility:

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know and work with so many incredible organizations and been afforded the opportunity to write for and be featured in:

Spectrum Local News:

New Mobility Magazine:

6 Strategies to Navigate Your Insurance Provider’s Approvals Process

Push Living Magazine: Dozens of articles can be found at:

Happiness Solved Podcast

Amplitude Magazine:

BACKBONES “Navigating Caregivers and Relationships” Podcast:

Christopher Reeve Foundation:

Simply Open Awards with Reeve Foundation – Recognizing & Sharing Practical Solutions across the Disability Community

United Spinal – United Wheels Podcast

Mobility Trust Group

The Rotary Club 

New Leaf Home MedicalPlaying The Insurance Game — 4 Secrets to Attaining Medically Necessary Equipment « Quirky Quad Diaries

Flowing East & West – A Perfectly Imperfect Journey Podcasts

Life Possible with a Disability with Karen Roy Podcast (Sponsored byNuMotion) 

Life Possible with a Disability with Karen Roy Podcast (Sponsored byNuMotion)Billy and Ali talk about Life as a Quadriplegic

The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe Podcast

Billion Strong A Personal Story of Equality, Equity, and Chinese Shootings

Unite4CRT Awareness Day for Complex Rehab Technology (Writing your own Letter of Medical Necessity & Exploring the Wheelchair Users World & Power of Your Mobility Videos)

Everlasting Love Podcast on Caregiving & Sexuality

Vitaglide Blog – One Determine

CBS 17 News – Advocacy for Casino Night

Help, Hope, Live “Financial Solutions for Life with Paralysis”

Wheel:Life – “Dating with a Disability” Part 1

Wheel:Life – “Dating with a Disability” Part 2

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