“Just Me :)”

“Miami 2017”

“Board Games at the Bar”


“Sunday Picnic”


“Off Roading Adventure & Lunch”

“Working Hard Trading”


“Snow Quad”

“Paralyzed Pilates”

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”

“Hugging a tree… Several weeks after being in bed for a year from a pressure sore”

“Rocking it out at a concert”

“A very rare sighting… Munching on hamburger after a late-night drinking… Two days before my major surgery”


“Stopping to smell the Roses”


“Christmas Fun”

“Swimming Fun!”

“Paralyzed Barbie for 2016 Halloween”


“I’m a nut”

“Rolling into Surgery – May, 2016”


“Flying a Drone”

“Christmas Photo shoot for My Man – Disabilities can be Beautiful”

“After a tumultuous  three weeks in the ICU after a surgery, I decided to rock out a lingerie photo shoot…;)”

“Just Me”


















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