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A few weeks ago I spoke about disability, sexuality, safe bedroom positions, and more.  Well, with the help of my fantastic caregivers, we made an instructional video of several safe positions for those you to explore further.  We had a blast and there were many laughs and a lot of bloopers. 

There are, of course, many more positions, but we thought we would start out with these ones.  For anyone that does try these, please note that I am not advocating for you to try something that does not work for your body.  Practice responsibly!

I remember when I was starting out on my intimate journey with a disability I had no idea what I was doing.  As a result, I ended up breaking my tailbone in half and spending 8 weeks in the hospital because they did not talk about sexuality, safe sex, or anything of that nature.  I had to figure it out by myself – the hard way of course.  If this video just inspires one person or couple to try something new, be a little bit more brave, or learn something interesting you didn’t know — it’s a win-win for me.

I find courage is contagious.  I mustered up the courage to make this video and if you don’t want to watch it then you don’t have to click on it.  I see so much negativity towards people’s posts or comments.  It’s easy to do this from behind the screen, so if it is not for you – perfectly okay.  Please just keep scrolling 🙂

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