It starts with Awareness and Determination.

On the front of my pro bono advocacy life with respect to health insurance to advance disability inclusion for all …

I am honored to partner with VGM and Associates, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive Member Service-Organization for post-acute healthcare.  Specifically working with their division called US Rehab, a membership network with over 1300 independent complex rehab providers.  

I spent the last month writing an article on the importance of Complex Rehab Technology (think customize power and manual wheelchairs) and the challenges many of us are facing in the industry who use wheelchairs. 

What was very cool is they inserted a video link inside the article with a segment from my time on Capitol Hill in September at our Congressional briefing urging Medicare to reclassify seat elevator’s and power standing wheelchairs as medically necessary.

The next project US Rehab and I are going to tackle is writing a comprehensive guide on how to get a wheelchair approved to be shared with their network over the next 4 months.  A Herculean advocacy effort, but one that needs to be addressed immediately.

The Importance of CRT: From the Perspective of Ali Ingersoll, Ms. Wheelchair America 2023

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